Monday, September 12, 2011

A Leather Fetish

No, it's not me!! 

What's that you might's Bella's new leather leash that she HAS to have for obedience class!

And those are bite marks on said brand new leash!!

I went to orientation for her class on Sunday.  The instructors were very adamant about having a four foot leather leash for the class.  Since I didn't have one, I bought a new one at the kennel.  I brought it home and put it on Bella (she goes crazy with excitement when I put a leash on her) so that hopefully she would learn to not associate going somewhere with the leash.  For whatever reason, she didn't mind having the leash on and didn't act like a maniac!  A short time later, I was on the computer when I heard one of them chewing on something.  I turned around to see Jackson chewing on Bella's new leather leash!!  Come to think of it, he's also chewed up several pairs of leather shoes (my own fault for leaving them out).  I guess the guy has a leather fetish!  But how could you not love these cute faces??

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