Friday, September 23, 2011

Obedience Class & Other Life Updates

Bella's obedience class has been very trying for both her and I.  The first class, I had an awful time trying to find the kennel!  Apparently, my GPS needs an update so I was having trouble finding the correct road!  Once I found the road, actually finding the kennel was still hard (and by now, it was dark!)!  After driving the road (and paying attention to the mailbox numbers) several times, I saw a small (maybe 8x10) sign advertising obedience classes at the end of a gravel driveway.  Low and behold, this was the kennel!  I expected a bigger sign!

I take Bella into class (her pulling me the entire way), and about ten minutes later, the trainers strongly suggest a pinch collar to help control her.  I oblige and pay $35 for this pinch collar!  She does alright for the rest of the class, but mainly wanted to lay on the floor and not participate.  For the next week (after the class), I worked diligently with Bella.  She was doing great!  We even managed to take some long, two mile walks (all 3 of us!) using Bella's pinch collar. 

Fast forward to this past Tuesday, and we had class #2!  We even arrived early and I was optimistic!  In the beginning of the class, all the dogs and owners are squished together in a long row of chairs against a wall.  About the time class was beginning, Bella decided she'd had enough!  She kept growling and barking at the dogs on either side of us.  The trainers noticed this and suggested to get rid of the pinch collar because it can cause aggression!  Ugh (the one I just paid $35 for!)!  They now suggested a Halti head collar.  Thank goodness I had the one I've used on her before in my bag!  She never would adjust to it.  After fitting her with the new harness/head collar, we joined the others.  Bella was so upset and only wanted to pout!  The poor thing keeps getting a new collar sprung on her at the beginning of every class!  With some tips from the trainers, I was able to get Bella to follow some commands and participate.  After class, I spoke with the trainers about Bella's behavior during class.  Apparently she's still shy (I thought she had outgrown this) and just very overwhelmed by the amount of strange dogs in a small place!  So, we still have some work to do and only 4 more weeks of class...I can do this!

On a different note, I weighed myself this week and I am down 4.5 pounds.  This isn't great (because it was over the course of a month), but it's a start!!!  I have set a short term goal; I would like to lose another 10 pounds by Christmas. 

Here's some pics of the pups after a long walk!

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