Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally Friday: Savings Edition

I went to Target tonight and got some great deals due to some great coupons!  I had two transactions and saved a ton of money!  Target had a great coupon on Facebook for a free $10 gift card with a $50 purchase.  Sign me up!  I knew I had a few coupons that I had been meaning to use, so I did a little planning.  Here's what I ended up getting in the first transaction:

3 Coffee-Mate creamers
50 count Up & Up Ibuprofen
20 gallon Christmas storage tote
8 lb bag of Iams dry dog food
50 count box of ornaments
4 snowflake ornaments
2 miscellaneous ornaments
$10 Target gift card (from the above mentioned coupon)

All this for $22.32!! 

Then I quickly completed a second transaction, buying only a large bag of Iams dry dog food.  But, I was able to use the $10 gift card from the previous transaction to lower my out of pocket cost.  The total for this transaction (after the gift card) was $11.87.  And the bag of dog food contained a whole page of coupons!  I love when this happens!

I had to share this because I'm really proud of this trip!  I don't always do this good.

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